What is in it for You. 4 options when working with me.

Option #1

Buy a Home, Get a 30 year Mortgage and take 30 years to pay it off! What every real estate agent & lender will normally do for you.

Option #2

Buy a Home, Get a mortgage, & I will show you how to pay it off in 7 years, with no extra money out of your pocket and Save $672,842

Option #3

Buy Home, pay it off in 7 years and with the $672,842 in savings buy 3 additional homes and collect the rent and the appreciation.

Option #4

Buy a home pay it off in 7 years, and with savings (money that would have normally gone to the bank) create a TAX FREE RETIREMENT PLAN!

Here is The Big News

You can Accomplish any of these Options with the exact same amount of money every other Realtor and Lender would have you spend each month.

Choose be Banker or Borrower??

I show my clients how Act like Bankers Not Borrowers!!  It is your choice, work with me and save  & profit, or with the average realtor who would never explain these benefits to you ??